The sweet sound of practice

Our Indian Self Drive Trip Jan 2011 007

Don’t speak to me about torture!!

Our Indian Self Drive Trip Jan 2011 003

Here I am, delighting the neighbours for HOURS

Hilarious story today in the papers   today about a millionaire “tortured” by the piano playing of a brilliant young student next door and forcing him to restrict his hours of practice. Read More…

That pesky pay gap


Why should my work get paid at a different rate?

It is frankly, easier to talk about bondage. Or bestiality. Or any of the other things (Botox, infidelity, piles, phobias) which in days gone by would be very much off the agenda. In British society most people would rather talk about absolutely anything, even their own bottoms, before they talked about money. Read More…

Travel woes

Twenty pound note

Buy your tickets. Don’t rob the network of its income.


By any account, it was shoddy behaviour. My son’s wallet was stolen last week. Or he dropped it. Who knows? However, someone got hold of his Oyster ‘Zip’ photocard.  Gabriel is 16, yet on his card he is still a beaming round-faced cherub of 11. The Zip is linked to my Mastercard, the idea being that my son will never be stranded.

Great, but now, I was helping some low life get around town. Via online tracking, it was clear that a right old travel spree was had! Read More…

Top Ten Cities of the WORLD

Yep, alongside Amsterdam, Vancouver and Agra, Hull has been selected by the Rough Guides as one of the 10 MUST-VISIT cities of 2016. The Rough Guides editorial on the city is not only delightful and thrilling, but also interesting, because it totally gets Hull. Unorthodox, independent, different. What a way to kick off the year. Terrific.

The day my son was mugged at knifepoint


It was a moment worthy of a Tarantino film. “You’re in the wrong place. At the wrong time,” whispered  the young man in a tracksuit, standing over four teenage boys, sitting on a park bench in their school uniform. One of the boys;  my 16 year old son Gabriel (above). Read More…

The Great Maternity Leave Debate

Child having just been asked to practise the piano

Honey, having just been informed she is to come with me to the office

As ‘working mother’ role models go, the example from Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer is about as welcome as those tiresome celebrities who publicly prance about in skinny jeans about two seconds after giving birth. Mayer, Read More…